Plataforma Tec and José Valim in Barcelona

Plataforma Tec and José Valim visit Barcelona

José Valim, Lead Developer at Plataforma Tecnologia and Rails Core Member, will be in Barcelona from 12nd to 19th June. Between trying some Tapas and Paellas, José Valim will be at Spain to open new business opportunities.

So if you are running a company in Barcelona, Madrid or nearby, this is a great opportunity for a Training Session in Rails 3 or a tech-talk about Plataforma Tec’s development tools – with Valim in person. Or if you want to start a new project as well, this would be a great opportunity for a kick-off meeting!

If you’re interested or have other ideas that you want to discuss, please contact us.

And last but not least, Valim will also give a talk at Barcelona on Rails on the 17th, so don’t forget to stop by and say hi! If you are not from Barcelona and would like to talk with us, you are welcome as well!

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