Understanding the latest Rails benchmarks

Erik DeBill has put two interesting benchmarks on his blog. The first one compares the performance of different Ruby implementations in Rails development mode while the second compares their performance in Rails boot time. If you haven’t read them yet, please do it now. Benchmarking code is an important practice, but it can be misleading … »

Devise Security Release 1.1.6

Note: Devise 1.1.6 broke compatibility with Rails versions prior to 3.0.4, this has been fixed on Devise 1.1.7. Devise 1.1.6 has just been released and it follows Rails 3.0.4 release. Rails 3.0.4 changes how CSRF works and adds a new method called handle_unverified_request that should be properly overridden by authentication frameworks. Devise 1.1.6 implements this … »

Estamos contratando! (O Retorno)

  Estamos procurando por desenvolvedores Ruby/Rails que: … querem trabalhar com um time ao invés de colegas; … gostam de trabalhar com pessoas que praticam a melhoria contínua ao invés de pessoas conformadas com o status quo; … são pragmáticos ao invés de xiitas cegos e teimosos; … entendem que fazer código bem feito e testado gera … »

Improving your tests with Capybara custom selectors

Here at PlataformaTec we like to use Capybara for acceptance tests. Recently we have discovered the custom selectors feature in Capybara and we would like to share with you how that feature helped us to improve our tests. Sometimes we need to implement features that involves showing some ordered items to the user, like a … »

Outpost v0.1.0 is released!

Outpost is me, scratching my own itch. For a while now, freelancing or working for others, I work with pretty much all the stack in web development: from front-end development with HTML and CSS up to the system administration. And sometimes, I screw up. Sometimes, stuff go wrong. Maybe that Sphinx isn’t getting indexed or … »