Elixir in production interview: Bruce Tate

A few months ago we had the opportunity to interview Bruce Tate about his experience using Elixir in production.

Bruce Tate is the CTO of icanmakeitbetter. icanmakeitbetter is a market research company. They’re using Elixir to power their chat service.

Watch the video below or read the interview to get to know his experiences with Elixir.

José Valim: Hi everyone, I’m here with Bruce Tate at Erlang Factory. Bruce, tell us a little bit more about your work, what do you do.

Bruce Tate: I’m Bruce Tate and I work at a market research firm called icanmakeitbetter. We do surveys, journals, and a new service called Chat, to help people learn more about their businesses.

José Valim: Awesome. I’ve heard you get to run Elixir in production.

Bruce Tate: We’re very excited to finally be running Elixir in production. We started working with our chat service in the Ruby language, but then we thought that we can’t be as efficient or as reliable as we needed to be with the new set of customers that we were bringing on. Elixir is going to give us the ability to do that.

José Valim: What makes you most excited about Elixir?

Bruce Tate: The scale that we can hit is absolutely fantastic, but to get to that scale we don’t have to compromise on the programmer productivity. We’re very small shop and we really need to be able to grow quickly and respond quickly to our customers.

José Valim: Thank you a lot. I hope you’re going to have tons of fun and scalability with Elixir.

Bruce Tate: Absolutely.

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