Ebert, thorough code reviews

Shipping high-quality code is always one of our priorities here at Plataformatec, and we have been accomplishing it through extensive code reviews. It became such an important aspect in our workflows that we started to wonder how to make code reviews more consistent, detailed and productive.

Ebert was born with this in mind — to analyze your Pull Requests for potential issues and smells and let your team focus its energy and time on critical decisions like user experience, architectural design, and business compliance.

We started using Ebert only in internal projects, and as it improved, we started using it with our clients. After a while, given the great feedback we received from the people that were using it, we decided to open Ebert to the world, as a product.

Ebert, thorough code reviews -- Try it free

Beyond code syntax

We believe that following a guideline helps maintain the project quality, but Ebert is more than that.

Beyond style & syntax code review, Ebert is able to find and report problems related to code’s security, bug risks, code smells, performance and complexity.

All these are adjustable with the Ebert config files, so you’re not tied to a specific guideline.

Automating reviews

Ebert reviews your code when a new Pull Request is opened or updated and reports the found issues straight in the Pull Request.

Pull Request Review

Ebert also analyzes the master branch once a day to get an overview of the whole project, indicating how many issues you have in the production code.

Pull Request Overview

What Ebert can do for your team

Besides saving developers’ time during code reviews, Ebert also helps in the following activities:

  • Improve our code standards – double or single quotes? Two spaces or a tab? Well, why not let Ebert check this kind of style guide and keep your team focusing on what is more important?

  • Teach project standards – onboarding of new developers is never a trivial task. Ebert helps teaching project standards to the newcomers.

  • Project evolution – Ebert helps you identify if the project code is improving or getting worse over time.

Ebert Dashboard

Give it a try today

Ebert is free for open source projects and you can try it on your private repos for 14 days for free. Using the coupon BLOGPTEC until March 31st you will get 50% off, valid for all plans.

Ebert, thorough code reviews -- Try it free

2 responses to “Ebert, thorough code reviews”

  1. rgarbin says:

    So helpful. Is there similar solution for Java project?

  2. Ebert says:

    we have experimental support for both PMD and Checkstyle, which are Java specific analysis tools. Reach out to us through support@ebertapp.io and we can help you try them out on Ebert.