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Migrations in databases with large amount of data

There is a discussion that always comes up when dealing with database migrations. Should I use the migrations to also migrate data? I mean, I’ve already altered the structure so it would be easy to change the data by including an SQL as well, and this would guarantee that everything is working after the deploy. … »

Review: Learn Functional Programming with Elixir

I have recently finished reading the book Learn Functional Programming with Elixir, from Ulisses Almeida, published by PragProg. I was curious about this book in  particular because I wanted to know how a book that explains functional programming for people that are starting this journey would be My path to learning functional programming was not … »

Elixir, processes and this thing called OTP

One of the notable features provided by the Elixir language is the way it handles concurrency, how this is beneficial on a daily basis and adds value to the final software. And one of the things that comes up when learning about concurrency in Elixir is an acronym we hear a lot, called OTP. OTP The … »

Elixir, processos e esse tal de OTP

Uma das grandes características da linguagem Elixir é a maneira como ela lida com concorrência, como isso traz benefícios no dia-a-dia e como isso agrega valor ao software final. Quando vamos estudar sobre concorrência, uma das coisas que surgem durante esse aprendizado é uma tal sigla que escutamos muito, chamada OTP. OTP A sigla significa … »