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How to quit the Elixir shell (IEx)?

Okay, you’ve been delving into Elixir. That’s good! Of course the first question that pops up in your head is not about immutability, concurrency nor functional programming. It is How can I quit the Elixir shell? Today this question will be answered. Ctrl-C When you start your iex sessions, you are greeted with: Interactive Elixir … »

Stateless vs stateful web apps

Edit: We have got some great feedback that highlighted inaccuracies and unfairness in our post. We have amended the post accordingly but you can read the errata at the bottom. With Rails 5 soon to be released, many developers are planning to further explore Action Cable and add stateful features to their web applications via … »

RubyConf BR 2015, te esperamos lá

Acho que você já sabe, mas neste ano a RubyConf BR será bem diferente, começando pelo lugar (será na FECOMERCIO em São Paulo) e preços dos tickets separados pelos andares. Mais informações no Como não poderia deixar de ser, a Plataformatec estará lá. Estaremos com um espaço no Open Floor e várias palestras. Aproveite … »

How to properly mirror a git repository

When people talk about mirroring a git repository, usually we have a simple answer in mind: Just git clone the repo and you’re set!! However, what we want with mirroring is to replicate the state of an origin repository (or upstream repository). By state, we mean all the branches (including master) and all the tags … »

RubyConf BR 2011. Estaremos lá!

Para quem acompanha a comunidade Ruby brasileira, não é nenhuma novidade que nos dias 3 e 4 de Novembro teremos mais uma edição do RubyConf BR. Assim como no ano passado, o evento acontece no Centro de Convenções Frei Caneca, perto da Av. Paulista e de fácil acesso. Toda a equipe da PlataformaTec estará lá. … »

Accented chars in IRB with RVM and ruby 1.8.7

Since moving to Mac, I always find it surprising that the default Mac OS X Ruby and IRB doesn’t allow inputs with accented characters. So, you cannot do name = “George Guimarães” This is annoying for brazilians and anyone who uses non-ASCII characters. The problem is that the default Ruby in Mac OS X isn’t … »