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The Symptoms of Low Internal Software Quality

This post is part of a collection of posts we’re publishing on the subjects of low internal software quality, refactoring and rewrite. Not only physical matter deteriorates, software does too It’s known that physical matter deteriorates. People accept that and have always dealt with it. What people don’t accept so easily is that software “deteriorates” … »

Improve your test readability using the xUnit structure

TL;DR: test quality is not just about verifying correctly whether your code works, it’s also about making your test easy to read and understand. You can do that by structuring your test using the four-phases xUnit standard. The 4 phases of a test: setup, exercise, verify and teardown People don’t write tests to be read, … »

Improving your tests with Capybara custom selectors

Here at PlataformaTec we like to use Capybara for acceptance tests. Recently we have discovered the custom selectors feature in Capybara and we would like to share with you how that feature helped us to improve our tests. Sometimes we need to implement features that involves showing some ordered items to the user, like a … »

O que há de novo no Rails 3 – Ruby e Rails no Mundo Real

Nesse sábado (29/05/2010) eu fiz uma palestra sobre Rails 3 no evento Ruby e Rails no Mundo Real 2010. O evento foi muito bom, tendo cerca de 200 pessoas participando. Queria agradecer a todos que estavam lá para ver minha palestra e agradecer também aos elogios, muito obrigado. Seguem meus slides: O que há de … »

Rails 3 with RVM FTW!

I’ve been playing a lot with Rails 3 lately, it’s completely awesome! However, we don’t have any Rails 3 app in production at the moment, all projects that Plataforma has been doing for its clients so far are using Rails 2.3.5. Since I was already having fun with Rails 3, I thought I should also … »

Monitoring Delayed Job with Bluepill and Capistrano

So, you already did the right choice of using Delayed Job for your background processing, great! But, how are you going to be certain that your background processing will still be happening while you are sleeping? And if your Delayed Job process goes down, are you going to wake up in the dawn e restart … »