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Important information about our Elixir and Ruby Open Source projects

You may have heard that Nubank has acqui-hired Plataformatec. Plataformatec has been working with Nubank over the past few months and Nubank saw great value on the practices and expertise shown by our teams. According to Nubank leaders, Plataformatec consultants have provided restructured rituals and new working agreements to its teams, and also brought improvements … »

Kubernetes and the Erlang VM: orchestration on the large and the small

If you look at the features listed by Kubernetes (K8s) and compare it to languages that run on the Erlang VM, such as Erlang and Elixir, the impression is that they share many keywords. This sharing often leads to confusion. Do they provide distinct behaviors? Do they overlap? For instance, is there any purpose to Elixir’s fault tolerance if Kubernetes also provides self-healing?

What’s new in Elixir – Apr/19

Hi everyone, we are back with another edition of What’s new in Elixir! Let’s get started. mix release has been added! Besides basic releases support, it supports runtime configuration, customization via templates files, custom steps, and more. A huge thank you to both Distillery and Relx teams for the prior work that made releases in … »

Let’s learn Elixir together on Advent of Code!

Hi everyone, Advent of Code is a series of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels in any programming language you like. Advent of Code was created by Eric Wastl and it starts on December 1st of every year. We get one new puzzle per day, until December 25th, with … »

What’s new in Elixir – Nov/18

Hi everyone! We are back with another edition of “What’s new in Elixir”. This time we are working towards Elixir v1.8 which should be out next January. Here are some highlights of what have already made to master: mix test now supports the –max-failures flag (commit) The Inspect protocol can now be easily derivable and … »

A sneak peek at Ecto 3.0: performance, migrations and more

Welcome to the “A sneak peek at Ecto 3.0” series: Breaking changes Query improvements part 1 Query improvements part 2 Performance, migrations and more (you are here!) We are back for one last round! This time we are going to cover improvements on three main areas: performance, upserts and migrations. If you would like to … »