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Do we need Story Points?

When story points were created, they quickly reached the hype peak (where they stood for too long, by the way). However, in the last years, they’ve entered the steep descending part of the hype curve. They have just begun their descending, but I’ve seen people already say that they are useless. So, after all, how … »

WIP Limit – A further study

One year ago I wrote a post talking about WIP limit and its importance. At the time, it was a case study and an introduction to the subject. However, after working on more projects and meeting different people, I saw that, maybe, you don’t need it. Introduction When we use WIP limit, we limit the … »

How to work with distributed teams

For most people, especially old-school Agile devotees, distributed work is just impossible. According to some of them, interactions won’t be as productive, there will be knowledge silos, physical kanbans will not be possible, no one will pay attention to the flow, and everything is going to explode! Well, those are all good points. Really. However, … »

12 Common mistakes when using Process Metrics

We’ve been advocating in favor of using metrics for a while now, and we have built a lot of content about them. However, we have seen teams that are actively using metrics and not having the desired results. Here I compile the most common mistakes that teams are committing when using metrics, so you’ll know … »

12 Erros comuns no uso de Métricas de Processo

Defendemos o uso de métricas há algum tempo, e já produzimos muito conteúdo sobre o assunto. No entanto, vemos times que usam métricas ativamente e não alcançam o resultado esperado. Neste post, compilei os erros mais comuns que os times cometem quando usam métricas, assim você saberá o que evitar quando adotá-las. 1 – Não … »

Estamos lançando mais um livro: Métricas Ágeis, do nosso consultor Raphael Albino

Aqui na Plataformatec, temos a cultura de compartilhamento de conhecimento muito forte. Faz parte do nosso DNA. Depois de um tempo, entendemos que essa característica da nossa cultura está por trás do que nos move desde o começo da empresa: fazer software de qualidade, que traz resultado… e ajudar os outros a fazer o mesmo. … »