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5 Estratégias para otimizar o fluxo de desenvolvimento de software

É difícil saber por onde começar quando você se encontra em um ambiente disfuncional. Tudo está pegando fogo e não há tempo disponível. Problemas como prazos apertados, pressão, horas extras, desperdício, insatisfação do cliente e do time tornam ainda mais complicado saber por onde começar e qual o problema mais importante. Para ajudar em situações … »

5 Strategies to improve software development workflow

It is difficult to come up with a plan when you find yourself in a dysfunctional environment. Everything is on fire and there is no time available. Tight deadlines, pressure, working overtime, unsatisfied customers, waste, and a whole lot of other chaotic stuff that piles up and makes it difficult to pick the most critical … »

How to do remote meetings effectively

Several teams, different locations. As technology evolves, this scenario gets more and more common. When you need to set up a meeting between distributed teams, it usually leads to frustration. Noise, poor sound quality, interruptions and lack of focus tend to erode communication and make things chaotic. As a consultancy, we have learned a lot … »

Coding can make you a better project manager

As a Scrum Master, Project Manager or any other project management role you can have, removing impediments is part of your daily routine. They come in many forms and sizes, ranging from organizational to human ones. But there are also technical impediments, those you annoy ask your beloved developer teammates for help if you don’t … »