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Elixir in production interview: Bruce Tate

A few months ago we had the opportunity to interview Bruce Tate about his experience using Elixir in production. Bruce Tate is the CTO of icanmakeitbetter. icanmakeitbetter is a market research company. They’re using Elixir to power their chat service. Watch the video below or read the interview to get to know his experiences with … »

Coding can make you a better project manager

As a Scrum Master, Project Manager or any other project management role you can have, removing impediments is part of your daily routine. They come in many forms and sizes, ranging from organizational to human ones. But there are also technical impediments, those you annoy ask your beloved developer teammates for help if you don’t … »

Elixir in times of microservices

Since microservices have been a common topic lately, there are a lot of questions about how Elixir fits in microservice architectures. On this post, I won’t focus on the merits of microservices, as many have already discussed that to exhaustion. In particular, Martin Fowler’s entry on the topic aligns well with my thoughts and is … »

Adding MySQL support to Ecto

A few months ago, I started learning Elixir by reading and doing the exercises from Dave Thomas’ book ‘Programming Elixir’. I was having a lot of fun on it, but I was missing a real project to put my hands on. At that time, José Valim was in Brazil and I had the chance of … »

Elixir in production interview: Garth Hitchens

Elixir running in an embedded device A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to interview Garth Hitchens about his experience with shipping Elixir software. Garth manages a development team at Rose Point Navigation Systems. They’re using Elixir to develop embedded software for navigation devices for marine markets. Watch the video below or read the … »

Companies using Elixir in production

One of the common questions we usually hear from people starting their journey in Elixir is: “who else is using it?”. We ourselves know that more and more companies are already using Elixir in production, but that information is not easily accessible… yet. A few weeks ago we tweeted: Companies using #elixirlang in production, a … »