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The anatomy of code documentation

Writing code is the activity that turns our ideas into great products and tools. Fingers over a keyboard and a text editor. This is how most people see our daily routine. Suddenly, no words emerge over the screen. The eyes gaze at the monitor and everything looks static: we’re reading code. (And we read lots … »

Adopting Elixir: the book and beyond!

Adopting Elixir is a new book from PragProg, written by Ben Marx, José Valim and Bruce Tate, with the goal of exploring the Elixir adoption life-cycle from concept, to development and into production. After all, adopting a new technology is more than programming. Although a relatively young language, Elixir has plenty of learning resources available. … »

Dicas para enfrentar os desafios de uma transformação ágil

Desenvolver uma estrutura ágil está na agenda de muitas empresas. A promessa de que uma organização assim será mais eficiente e responderá melhor às mudanças no mercado é algo que faz brilhar os olhos de qualquer pessoa que exerça o papel executivo de uma companhia. O grande problema que venho observando no mercado é um … »

Nested Layouts With Phoenix

Over the last few weeks, we have been building a web application in one of our clients and ended up duplicating some template code. These new pages had something in common between them, but not with the rest of the application. We needed an inner layout to reuse the template code between these pages, however, … »

Setting up Rails with Webpack(er), React and Jest.

Setting up Rails with Webpack(er), React and Jest. An opinionated and straightforward way. This article has a clear purpose: present a quick and easy way to setup Rails + Webpacker + React + Jest. So if your team is considering, or has already decided, to use React, this is the right article for you. The … »

Elixir, processes and this thing called OTP

One of the notable features provided by the Elixir language is the way it handles concurrency, how this is beneficial on a daily basis and adds value to the final software. And one of the things that comes up when learning about concurrency in Elixir is an acronym we hear a lot, called OTP. OTP The … »