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Three Adoption Stories – Adopting Elixir Free Chapter

Adopting Elixir is a new book by Ben Marx, José Valim and Bruce Tate, published by The Pragmatic Programmers. PragProg has kindly agreed on giving away the first chapter for free, thus collaborating to spread knowledge about the Elixir language. Elixir is an exciting new language, but to successfully get your application from start to … »

Do we need Story Points?

When story points were created, they quickly reached the hype peak (where they stood for too long, by the way). However, in the last years, they’ve entered the steep descending part of the hype curve. They have just begun their descending, but I’ve seen people already say that they are useless. So, after all, how … »

Pare de chamar Product Owners e Product Managers de mini CEOs

O que esperar de uma pessoa que atua com produto? No blog post de hoje, gostaria de discutir um pouco sobre o assunto sem apresentar uma receita pronta de job description do papel, mas sim debater a respeito de uma função que parece estar sofrendo por lidar com expectativas que por vezes são exageradas. Tive a sutileza … »

WIP Limit – A further study

One year ago I wrote a post talking about WIP limit and its importance. At the time, it was a case study and an introduction to the subject. However, after working on more projects and meeting different people, I saw that, maybe, you don’t need it. Introduction When we use WIP limit, we limit the … »

How to work with distributed teams

For most people, especially old-school Agile devotees, distributed work is just impossible. According to some of them, interactions won’t be as productive, there will be knowledge silos, physical kanbans will not be possible, no one will pay attention to the flow, and everything is going to explode! Well, those are all good points. Really. However, … »

Thinking Functionally

The creation of the Elixir language happened inside Plataformatec’s walls. Since its inception, our team is always figuring out new ways to contribute to the ecosystem. That’s how the idea of writing a new book came out. A couple of months ago, our team member Ulisses Almeida blogged about the release of his book, Learn Functional Programming with Elixir. It’s still … »