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Authentication is with Devise!

Two months ago we were celebrating Devise’s birthday. We were not talking about its age, Devise had just 4 months of life, but we were happy to reach the 1.0 release. Today we are celebrating again! We are very proud and glad to have Devise in its first Railscast! Ryan Bates has done a great … »

Mostre seus models baby!

Ultimamente temos trabalhado em alguns projetos que necessitaram de vários CRUDs na administração como páginas mostrando listas de atributos. E com passar do tempo, estávamos ficando entediados de tanto copiar e colar código como este para cada atributo em nossas páginas: Name Nós já tinhamos criado um helper para fazer o trabalho para nós, mas … »

Show your objects baby!

We have been having some projects lately that needed a lot of admin CRUDs and pages showing a list of attributes, and we were getting bored of copy and paste code like this in our show pages, for every single attribute: Name We had already created some helper to do the work for us, but … »

Happy Birthday Devise

Today we are celebrating Devise‘s birthday. But wait, if you have started watching Devise since the beginning you may be asking: has Devise already completed one year of life? Nope. Today we are completing exactly 4 months since Devise was released at Rails Summit Latin America 2009. And we are very proud and glad to … »

Feliz Aniversário Devise

Hoje estamos comemorando o aniversário do Devise. Mas espere um pouco, se você está seguindo o Devise desde o início pode estar se perguntando: “O Devise já completou um ano de vida?”. Não. Hoje estamos completando exatamente 4 meses desde que o Devise foi lançado no Rails Summit Latin America 2009. E estamos muito orgulhosos … »

Subdomains and sessions to the rescue!

We have been working on an application that allows administrators to create accounts for their users. Each account will be accessible under a subdomain, so we needed to setup a subdomain environment inside our application, and also in our development machine. In addition, we must be able to let the users signed in among several … »