Important information about our Elixir and Ruby Open Source projects

You may have heard that Nubank has acqui-hired Plataformatec. Plataformatec has been working with Nubank over the past few months and Nubank saw great value on the practices and expertise shown by our teams. According to Nubank leaders, Plataformatec consultants have provided restructured rituals and new working agreements to its teams, and also brought improvements through better-planned teams using innovative metrics and more reliable estimates. The acquisition is a recognition of the work we displayed over the last 11 years to clients in Brazil and across the globe.

In the last decade, Plataformatec has also created and maintained a range of open source projects. In the next paragraphs, I will describe what the next steps are for the open source projects currently owned by Plataformatec.

We are very proud of the contributions we have made to open source communities throughout our history. We have built important projects in the Rails community, such as Devise, Simple Form, among others. We have also developed the Elixir programming language, which started as a Research & Development project inside Plataformatec, and today is used by companies around the world.

So what will happen with these projects from now on?

All of the projects above have one thing in common: they were created and maintained by passionate individuals who wanted to make positive contributions to their communities. Without these individuals and their efforts, these projects would not have become what they are today. Therefore, it is only fair that Plataformatec gives these individuals control of these projects moving forward.

For the Elixir programming language in particular, José Valim and the Elixir Core Team will continue developing and maintaining the programming language in the same capacity as they have been doing over the last few years, independently from Plataformatec and Nubank. We are in touch with the Elixir Core Team to transfer all assets, including the existing trademarks and the Elixir website, to their control. The remaining Elixir projects will be transferred to José Valim and his team at Dashbit.

For all other Open Source projects under the Plataformatec organization on GitHub, we will reach out to the current maintainers and take the necessary steps to transfer the ownership of all relevant assets, including names, source code, and logos of such projects.

We are thankful to these communities for all the support and feedback they’ve given us throughout the years. We are glad to have been the home to these projects and to have worked with the teams that will continue shaping these projects from now on.

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