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Plataformatec and Elixir: 2018 in review

As the company behind Elixir, Plataformatec has been involved with Elixir since its conception through José Valim, Elixir’s creator, co-founder and Director of R&D at Plataformatec. This year we set up a new challenge for us: we would like to increase the team of developers working on the Elixir ecosystem from 1 developer to 3 … »

Building a new MySQL adapter for Ecto, Part II: Encoding/Decoding

Welcome to the “Building a new MySQL adapter for Ecto” series: Part I: Hello World Part II: Encoding/Decoding (you’re here!) Part III: DBConnection Integration Part IV: Ecto Integration Last time we briefly looked at encoding and decoding data over MySQL wire protocol. In this article we’ll dive deeper into that topic, let’s get started! Basic … »

Let’s learn Elixir together on Advent of Code!

Hi everyone, Advent of Code is a series of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels in any programming language you like. Advent of Code was created by Eric Wastl and it starts on December 1st of every year. We get one new puzzle per day, until December 25th, with … »

What’s new in Elixir – Nov/18

Hi everyone! We are back with another edition of “What’s new in Elixir”. This time we are working towards Elixir v1.8 which should be out next January. Here are some highlights of what have already made to master: mix test now supports the –max-failures flag (commit) The Inspect protocol can now be easily derivable and … »

Building a new MySQL adapter for Ecto, Part I: Hello World

As you may have seen in the announcement, Plataformatec is working on a new MySQL driver called MyXQL. Writing a complete driver involves quite a bit of work. To name just a few things, we need to support: all protocol messages and data types, authentication schemes, connection options (TCP/SSL/UNIX domain socket), transactions and more. Rather … »

Starting with Elixir, the Study Guide

While I was studying Elixir, I had the opportunity to read many books and watch many talks, but I felt very lost because I didn’t know what I had to read or which exercises to do, in order to become a better functional Elixir developer. The main objective of this material is to show what … »