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Three Adoption Stories – Adopting Elixir Free Chapter

Adopting Elixir is a new book by Ben Marx, José Valim and Bruce Tate, published by The Pragmatic Programmers. PragProg has kindly agreed on giving away the first chapter for free, thus collaborating to spread knowledge about the Elixir language. Elixir is an exciting new language, but to successfully get your application from start to … »

Time da Plataformatec no Elixir Brasil 2018

Como a empresa que criou o Elixir, naturalmente, a Plataformatec estará apoiando o evento Elixir Brasil, que vai acontecer em São Paulo, no dia 03 de fevereiro. Esse evento aborda duas trilhas principais de conteúdo: uma para quem já desenvolve em Elixir e outras linguagens de programação funcional, e a outra para quem está começando … »

Thinking Functionally

The creation of the Elixir language happened inside Plataformatec’s walls. Since its inception, our team is always figuring out new ways to contribute to the ecosystem. That’s how the idea of writing a new book came out. A couple of months ago, our team member Ulisses Almeida blogged about the release of his book, Learn Functional Programming with Elixir. It’s still … »

Book Release: Learn Functional Programming with Elixir

Last week, The Pragmatic Bookshelf started the sales of Learn Functional Programming with Elixir written by me, now in beta. After one year of hard work, we are finally publishing the beta version of the book. In this blog post, I’ll tell you about the motivation for writing a book, its contents and its future. … »

The fallacies of web application performance

Web application performance has always been a hot topic, especially in regards to the role frameworks play in it. It is common to run into fallacies when those discussions arise and the goal of this article is to highlight some of those. While I am obviously biased towards Elixir and the role it plays in … »

Small data with Elixir

This is the first article in a series of articles about “small data” (in contrast to “big data”) in Elixir. We will start by defining what is “small data”, why it matters and then briefly describe the Flow tool and what to expect in the next articles of the series. How small is small? We … »