Vamos falar sobre Story Mapping

Dificuldade na priorização do backlog e definição de releases? Vamos falar sobre Story Mapping! Você que já participou de uma equipe de desenvolvimento de software, provavelmente já se deparou com as dificuldades enfrentadas por profissionais de produto para priorizar o backlog e definir releases. Essas tarefas podem se tornar ainda mais difíceis sem as ferramentas … »

The misguiding mindset that you are using and how it is hindering your microservices architecture

As software developers, we have the bias to see the systems we create from a technical perspective. We have been taught to think like that since the beginning of our careers, and unfortunately it’s the dominant mindset in our industry. The perception that software development is an activity that requires few interpersonal interactions is still … »

Review: Learn Functional Programming with Elixir

I have recently finished reading the book Learn Functional Programming with Elixir, from Ulisses Almeida, published by PragProg. I was curious about this book in  particular because I wanted to know how a book that explains functional programming for people that are starting this journey would be My path to learning functional programming was not … »

Welcome Wojtek Mach to Plataformatec!

We are glad to welcome Wojtek Mach to the Research and Development department at Plataformatec. Wojtek will help us towards our Elixir efforts, contributing to Open Source, communicating with our Elixir teams across multiple projects and joining our Elixir Development Subscription team. Wojtek is a software engineer with 10 years of experience. He started working … »

Tá quantos por cento pronto? Agile para PMPs e PMBok para agilistas

Polêmica! Ainda esses dias, conversava com um responsável pelo capítulo de agilidade de uma startup sobre reports de projeto sedutores e o mal que eles podem fazer. A situação é a seguinte: não habituados com a forma como as métricas de projetos ágeis são apresentadas – CFDs, histogramas de Throughput, Lead Time etc. – e … »

Stop hiding the error and start fixing the problem

I’ve been working on Plataformatec for 5 years and one common mistake that I see developers making is hiding the error, instead of fixing the problem. This kind of behaviour can turn your product full of problems quickly by having a codebase with unnecessary defensive programming. Let’s explore that by taking a look at an … »