Migrations in databases with large amount of data

There is a discussion that always comes up when dealing with database migrations. Should I use the migrations to also migrate data? I mean, I’ve already altered the structure so it would be easy to change the data by including an SQL as well, and this would guarantee that everything is working after the deploy. … »

Tipos de Demanda e Classes de Serviço: Afinal, é tudo a mesma coisa?

Certo dia, durante uma conversa sobre STATIK (Systems Thinking Approach to Implement Kanban) com outros colegas da Plataformatec, foi levantada uma dúvida interessante durante esse debate e que pode fazer parte do dia a dia de quem tem adotado as práticas do método Kanban: Qual é a diferença de tipos de demanda e as classes … »

Custom authentication methods with Devise

In the past, we have been asked to include other authentication methods in Devise (e.g. token-based and magic email links). Although it might make sense to include those for some applications, there is no plan to support them in Devise. But don’t be upset, it turns out you might not need to override Devise’s SessionsController … »

Índices para JSONB no Postgres

No Postgres existe a opção de salvar dados como JSON – o que pode ser muito útil especialmente quando temos muitas incertezas quanto aos requisitos de negócio que ajudariam na modelagem das tabelas. A flexibilidade de poder armazenar os dados sem se preocupar com a estrutura das tabelas parece interessante, porém qual o impacto disso … »

Working with distributed teams

According to the Harvard Business Review, one of the biggest difficulties for teams today and in the future is the distance factor. With each passing day, it’s becoming more common to work with remote teams and that creates a big communication barrier. Being able to communicate properly is already a very complex subject, so we … »

Let’s talk about Story Mapping

Are you having a hard time prioritizing backlog and setting releases? Let’s talk about Story Mapping! If you’ve ever participated in a software development team, you’ve probably come across the difficulties faced by product professionals to prioritize the backlog and set releases. These tasks can become even harder without the ideal tools and techniques, distancing … »