Take a look at Simple Form and Devise brand new logos

We are very glad to announce the logos for two of our favorite Rails open source projects…

Simple Form:

Simple Form Logo

And Devise:

Devise Logo

We would like to congratulate our designer, Bruna Kochi, who was able to capture the essence of each project in their logos. We will write about their design process soon!

Those projects have been in the Rails community for almost 4 years and it was about time for them to have their own visual identity! We would like to thank all contributors and users who have helped those projects to be more robust, flexible and popular!

One response to “Take a look at Simple Form and Devise brand new logos”

  1. Denis Peplin says:

    Seems everybody forgot about show_for gem, which is great companion to simple_form. Give it some love, it deserves it own logo too 🙂