Thinking Functionally

The creation of the Elixir language happened inside Plataformatec’s walls. Since its inception, our team is always figuring out new ways to contribute to the ecosystem. That’s how the idea of writing a new book came out.

A couple of months ago, our team member Ulisses Almeida blogged about the release of his book, Learn Functional Programming with Elixir. It’s still in beta and you can buy it on The Pragmatic Bookshelf website. To celebrate this occasion, we have something special for you.

We have reached out to Ulisses and PragProg and they allowed us to give away the first chapter of the book: Thinking Functionally. \o/

What’s there for you

This chapter focuses on functional programming concepts. You’ll understand the mindset required to program functionally with Elixir, and you’ll learn these three core principles:

  • Immutable Data
  • Functions
  • Declarative code

Above all, this book is for who wants to learn Elixir and functional programming from the very beginning.

Learn Functional Programming with Elixir

If you know absolutely nothing or a little bit of Elixir (the same for functional programming), this book is definitely for you; or if you gave up learning Elixir because it’s different from the programming language you use at work like ASP, PHP, Java and so on, this book is perfect for you, too.

After reading it, you’ll be able to think functionally.

Click the button below to get the first chapter of the book Learn Functional Programming with Elixir.

Download Thinking Functionally for free 🙂

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