Three Adoption Stories – Adopting Elixir Free Chapter

Adopting Elixir is a new book by Ben Marx, José Valim and Bruce Tate, published by The Pragmatic Programmers. PragProg has kindly agreed on giving away the first chapter for free, thus collaborating to spread knowledge about the Elixir language.

Elixir is an exciting new language, but to successfully get your application from start to finish, you’re going to need to know more than just the language. You need the case studies and strategies in this book. Learn the best practices for the whole life of your application, from design and team-building to managing stakeholders, to deployment and monitoring.

What you can expect from the first chapter:

The authors shared their adoption stories and what questions and challenges these experiences prompted.  

The free chapter, Three Adoption Stories, covers:

  • An acquisition story – icanmakeitbetter
  • Bleacher Report Improves Performance and Reliability
  • Plataformatec Supports Early Adopters
  • Embracing End-To-End Adoption

The book Adopting Elixir has been written for those who are adopting this new language or those who are planning to adopt it in the near future. It’s a functional, concurrent, distributed language. You will see through the chapters the whole adoption lifecycle, from concept to development and into production.

Click the button below to get the first chapter of the book Adopting Elixir.

Download Adopting Elixir’s free chapter 🙂

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