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The brand new Plataformatec blog

Today we are shipping a whole new design to improve your navigation and reading experience on our blog! Back in 2012 we rolled out our new visual identity and website, but we didn’t change our blog much at the time. So we decided that it was time to give some love to our blog and … »

Splitting long CSS files to overcome IE9 4095 rules limit

CSS preprocessors like SASS and LESS improved the way we write CSS nowadays. It provides better ways to organize styles into files, that can represent a component or page, and then compile into a single file, following the idea of reducing HTTP requests. Also there are other features like variables, mixins and placeholders that help … »

CSS at Plataformatec

Last month some amazing developers gave a sneak peek on how they write CSS in their companies – Mark Otto has written about CSS at GitHub, followed by Ian Feather’s post about Lonely Planet’s CSS and Chris Coyier write up about CodePen’s code – so I thought about sharing a bit of how we have … »

Lançamos mais um livro! \o/ “HTML5 e CSS3: Domine a web do futuro”

Aqui na Plataformatec eu trabalho lado-a-lado com desenvolvedores (back/front-end), designers e gerentes de projetos. Francamente, é difícil saber onde termina o trabalho de um e onde começa o trabalho do outro. Existe muita sobreposição de conhecimentos entre os membros das nossas equipes e isso é muito bom! Nós realmente acreditamos no poder das equipes multi-disciplinares … »