Devise 2.0 released

We have just released Devise 2.0. This version is not a big refactoring, nor contains stellar features, it is simply another step towards a very mature authentication library.

Over the years, we have learned from our own experience and from your feedback, how to better use Devise. We’ve made changes to improve security and also to make the library more flexible. All those changes were backwards compatible, forcing us to maintain different branches of logic in the same source code to accomodate those different scenarios. Devise 2.0 simply deprecates those old scenarios so we can clean up the code.

When you migrate to 2.0, you should get some warnings. The amount of warnings will depend on when you started using Devise. For recent applications, it should take 2 minutes to update (basically fixing up migrations and the locale file), older applications should be up to speed in 15-30 minutes. We have created a page with instructions to upgrade, be sure to read it for a smoother experience.

Finally, Devise 2.0 also includes:

  • Support to the reconfirmable feature. When on, if the user changes his e-mail, he needs to confirm the new e-mail address before the e-mail is finally updated;
  • We got rid of t.database_authenticatable and friends in migrations in favor of explicit code;
  • Better support to engines. For example, we now support config.parent_controller which you can set to something different from ApplicationController. There is a good sample engine here;
  • Rails 3.2 support. The previous Devise version (v1.5) runs fine but with a few deprecation warnings, v2.0 gets rid of them;

The CHANGELOG is available here.

Thanks everyone that contributed to this awesome release and, if you have any issues, please let us know in the issues tracker. Here to a better future!

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