Elixir in production interview: Mickaël Rémond

A few months ago we had the opportunity to interview Mickaël Rémond about his experience using Elixir in production.

Mickaël is the CEO of ProcessOne. ProcessOne is the company behind ejabberd, the famous XMPP server. They’re specialized in high-performance instant messaging solutions and they integrated Elixir into ejabberd to make ejabberd development available to a larger crowd.

Watch the video below or read the interview to get to know his experiences with Elixir.

José Valim: Hi everyone, I’m here with Mickaël, one of the creators of Ejabberd. Just a couple weeks ago they announced the beginning of the integration with Elixir. Mickaël, can you tell us a bit more about what is Ejabberd and why are you excited about Elixir?

Mickaël Rémond: Ejabberd is a large scale messaging platform. You can build a lot of different types of system with it. You can build chat systems, game platforms, machine to machine internet of things kind of platforms. When I dug deeper into Elixir I found a great opportunity to make it a language to power Ejabberd and to make it possible to write custom systems for all these kinds of applications.

Mickaël Rémond: Now that Elixir is integrated into Ejabberd, it’s very easy to write a plugin where you can extend its behaviour. For example, for the internet of things it is going to be a critical step for the platform, in my opinion.

José Valim: Great! So, you’re bringing Elixir’s productivity and expressivity with all the power and features you have in Ejabberd, and making that available to developers.

Mickaël Rémond: Yeah, exactly. It was a bit difficult to develop for Ejabberd and we’re making Ejabberd development available to a larger crowd. Our goal is to make Ejabberd a platform and build an ecosystem around real time messaging in general.

José Valim: Awesome! Thank you very much.

Mickaël Rémond: Thank you.

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