Elixir Radar is more than a weekly newsletter now. It’s a channel.

Yeah! I’m excited to tell you we’re expanding Elixir Radar from a weekly newsletter to a channel you visit to find Elixir related stuff that matters — or when you don’t have time (or patience) to look around the web.

In January 2015, Hugo Baraúna (co-founder at Plataformatec) created Elixir Radar as a weekly newsletter with one purpose: a way to keep up with all the interesting stuff that Elixirists (or do you prefer Alchemists?) were building and sharing.

Since then, our team handpicks what they consider more relevant for the Elixir community, and once a week you can get the content in your email inbox from the company that created Elixir.

Over a year, I’ve been running Elixir Radar, and I could see the number of subscribers growing fast — SEVEN times (Amazing, isn’t it?). During this time, we added a section for job postings, another for events, and the newsletter has more than 10,000 subscribers nowadays. \o/

It’s obvious that more developers and companies are adopting Elixir, then there are more people producing stuff related to the language.

I don’t know about you, but studies show that people hate long emails (I agree, extremely long emails are annoying), that’s why we decided to take a step further making Elixir Radar bigger, a channel (just like a hub if you prefer) that has a newsletter besides other things, you know?

The first section we are launching is the job board. Why we chose it? Well, we know many developers want to code in Elixir on their day to day, and we also know companies are hiring, and some are facing difficulties to find candidates.

If companies can’t find developers, it’ll be a concern for others to adopt the language. If there aren’t jobs available, developers won’t have a reason to be experts on it, right?

We believe the job board helps both sides to find each other, accelerate the hiring, and improve the community growth, as companies get their open jobs in front of elixir developers in two ways, online and in their inboxes.

  1. More than 10.000 Elixir Radar subscribers are exposed weekly to the job posting for 4 weeks. (At this point, Elixir Radar newsletter is probably the most popular media with the largest newsletter subscriber base. S2)
  2. When someone is actively looking for an Elixir job, they search the web and find job vacancies in the Elixir Radar job board inside our new Elixir Radar channel. There is no limit of time to keep the posting online.

So, when a company publishes a job posting on the Elixir Radar channel, they can be sure it will be exposed to a targeted audience. Be it through the job board or the newsletter, at the same time. And, it’s free!

We have plans for adding new sections over time to Elixir Radar. Some ideas are: newsletter archive, resources, events, community case studies and so on. However, it takes time, so I’d like to ask your patience.

I hope you like this new channel.

Before I finish this post, I want to let you know that we do Elixir Radar with love, so we are very careful when we pick a content, and I check every single job posting personally before publishing it to make sure that it’s truly a position for Elixir roles.

Please, let me know your thoughts about Elixir Radar commenting below.

Elixir Radar

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