Welcome Wojtek Mach to Plataformatec!

We are glad to welcome Wojtek Mach to the Research and Development department at Plataformatec. Wojtek will help us towards our Elixir efforts, contributing to Open Source, communicating with our Elixir teams across multiple projects and joining our Elixir Development Subscription team.

Wojtek is a software engineer with 10 years of experience. He started working with Elixir back in 2014, before v1.0, and his first open source contributions to the Elixir community were to the Hex project. Nowadays he is a member of the Hex team and is a frequent contributor to important community projects, such as ExDoc and Ecto.

Before joining Plataformatec, Wojtek worked with Elixir at ClubCollect, an early adopter of the technology, where he got experience with building, testing and deploying Elixir applications over the course of 2 years.

Wojtek key responsibilities inside Plataformatec will be:

We’re very happy with this announcement as this is more than hiring another person to our team. This is one more step towards a dream where Plataformatec amplifies its contributions to the growth of the Elixir ecosystem.

We created Elixir back in 2012. For almost six and a half years we were able to put just one dedicated person working on the technology itself, José Valim. We always wanted to expand our own team that contributes to the Elixir ecosystem, alongside José. This is happening now.

The main reason why this is possible is because Elixir grew a lot. It started as a single company effort from Plataformatec and today it is also supported by an exciting, welcoming and fantastic community. And as Elixir grew, Plataformatec grew too. And as Plataformatec grows, we can invest more in Elixir. That’s the vision. A virtuous cycle.

We are glad to be an active part of this process by contributing to the ecosystem and helping companies adopt Elixir at different stages of their adoption cycle. We would love to work with you too!

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