A praise for a hard, sweaty and great work done

It is no secret that our team has a great passion for contributing to the open source community and once in a while we receive compliments – it is great to have our work recognized; thank you all for always being supportive. =D

We’d proudly like to announce that, due to their contributions, two specific members of our team were recently awarded by the Ruby on Rails community (by the Rails Core Team, to be more precise).

Without further ado we’d like to congratulate our fellow Carlos Antonio (@cantoniodasilva) and Rafael França (@rafaelfranca) for honorably earning the commit access to the Ruby on Rails repository!

@cantoniodasilva and @rafaelfranca

Guys, congratulations! \o/

We are all very happy for this great achievement. Great work!
From your friends at Plataformatec.

4 responses to “A praise for a hard, sweaty and great work done”

  1. erichmenge says:

    Congrats! Well earned.

  2. Jack Dempsey says:

    Well done. Open Source is often a thankless gig. I’ve always appreciated the great work from Plataformatec and take every opportunity I can to tell others that 🙂

    Well deserved!

  3. Thanks Erich! 🙂

  4. Thanks Jack! 🙂