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Lançamento do Twitter da Plataformatec Brasil

Com a criação do Elixir e sua crescente adoção, atraímos muitos leitores, seguidores e clientes de todas as partes do mundo. A Elixir Radar, nossa newsletter semanal dedicada a promover conteúdos relevantes e oportunidades de trabalhar com Elixir em empresas de todo o mundo, se tornou um de canal de grande importância para nós. Com … »

What I have learned in my first three months at Plataformatec

It hasn’t passed too much since I’ve begun working at Plataformatec, but I’ve learned a lot already! I work with great professionals which are gathered not only by common goals but also by an awesome culture. I’ll list a few points that I think are being great so far. Be pragmatic and agile Plataformatec is … »

Continuous communication

After continuous integration, which evolved to discrete integration, and continuous delivery, why not try continuous communication to avoid misleading messages inside your team? Why communication matters? It’s known that communication issues results in many software development problems. Some agile frameworks, such as Scrum, have well defined communication activities like daily meetings and sprint plannings. Communication … »

1 year working at Plataformatec

One year ago I joined Plataformatec and today, I’m going to tell you some practices that I have learned while working here during all this year. I hope you’ll find something helpful to improve your team or your company. Sustainable work hours Some companies expect their employees to work overtime when a project gets close … »

A praise for a hard, sweaty and great work done

Congratulations to our fellow Carlos Antonio (@cantoniodasilva) and Rafael França (@rafaelfranca) for honorably earning the commit access to the Ruby on Rails repository!