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Do we need Story Points?

When story points were created, they quickly reached the hype peak (where they stood for too long, by the way). However, in the last years, they’ve entered the steep descending part of the hype curve. They have just begun their descending, but I’ve seen people already say that they are useless. So, after all, how … »

WIP Limit – A further study

One year ago I wrote a post talking about WIP limit and its importance. At the time, it was a case study and an introduction to the subject. However, after working on more projects and meeting different people, I saw that, maybe, you don’t need it. Introduction When we use WIP limit, we limit the … »

Alinhando expectativas de prazo com o Reality Check

Quando vocês irão finalizar a entrega do projeto? A equipe irá atender o prazo estipulado? Vocês conseguirão entregar até a data? Se você trabalha com projetos, certamente irá perder a conta se tentar somar quantas vezes precisou responder a esses tipos de questionamento. Quando estamos lidando com prazos, famosos deadlines (não poderiam ser successlines?!), essas … »

Hard skills on project management

If you are an Agile devotee (capital A, see We are not necessarily Agile… but we are certainly agile!), keep an open mind to read what is coming next. Society is defined not only by what it creates but by what it refuses to destroy. – John C. Sawhill Before we start, if you are … »