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Two motives why your team is feeling pressured

Adding pressure to your team is like adding salt to your food: if you add a little bit, everything will be fine, and the result will be better; if you add more, the result might be better, but your health will suffer; if you add even more, you’ve just ruined everything, and you need to … »

12 Common mistakes when using Process Metrics

We’ve been advocating in favor of using metrics for a while now, and we have built a lot of content about them. However, we have seen teams that are actively using metrics and not having the desired results. Here I compile the most common mistakes that teams are committing when using metrics, so you’ll know … »

Hard skills on project management

If you are an Agile devotee (capital A, see We are not necessarily Agile… but we are certainly agile!), keep an open mind to read what is coming next. Society is defined not only by what it creates but by what it refuses to destroy. – John C. Sawhill Before we start, if you are … »

The user story in development was deprioritized, what now?

Let’s say you have a Kanban board like the following: Then, suddenly, the P.O. discovers that the features D and E were developed by a competitor and that you are losing users because of that. Therefore, the P.O. decides to deprioritize story C. This is only an example of why a card might be deprioritized … »

Bringing continuous improvements into your agile process: A different Daily Meeting

Congratulations on holding the Reality Check ceremony! You never had the same problem again and now your business plan changes faster according to the nuances of your development plan. (To check what I’m talking about, check the first blog post of this series: Bringing continuous improvements into your agile process: The Reality Check Ceremony). Your … »

Definição de prazo em projetos de software

Este é um dos capítulos do nosso mais novo ebook “Como lidar com prazos em projetos de software”. Faça o download agora. É grátis! . Esta ação é mais indicada antes de começar um projeto ou nas primeiras semanas de desenvolvimento, pois é quando normalmente há mais flexibilidade para mudanças de prazos. Na nossa experiência, … »