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My five favorite “hidden” features in Rails 3.2

Rails 3.2 is out with great features on spotlight: faster development reloading, faster router and explain queries. However, every Rails release ships with minor features that do not get that much attention but still would be a great fit to your application. This blog post is about my five favorites “hidden” features of Rails 3.2.

Multipart templates with Markerb

When writing Crafting Rails Applications, I knew exactly which parts from Rails I wanted to talk about. However, I didn’t want the book to simply describe how everything works, I actually wanted everyone to build something useful from each part of Rails. One of the hardest areas to come up with an useful tool as … »

Default views in Rails 3.0 with custom resolvers

It is common in Rails 3.0 applications that you want to provide default views for a group of controllers. Let’s say you have a bunch of controllers inside the Admin namespace and you would like each action to fallback to a default template. So if you are rendering the index action for Admin::PostsController and “app/views/admin/posts/index.html.*” … »

Crafting Rails Applications: Why I wrote this book

When I first got into Ruby and Rails development, I was impressed about how everything worked. A few lines of code and so much got done. At that time, if I was reading a book or blog post that said: “just do X and Y will automagically work”. I would gladly accept those instructions. However, after a while, … »