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I18n Alchemy – localization and parsing

Today I want to show you a project I’ve started over a year ago, during Mendicant University core skills course. For those who don’t know, Mendicant University is a group of skilled software developers that offer courses, mentoring, and help out the community, started by Gregory Brown, and that nowadays counts with some other awesome … »

Best Ruby Open Source Test Suites Awards

One of the beauties in the Open Source world is the possibility of reading other people source code and learn new things. However, lately I found out that not only the library code, but the test suite of several open source projects are full lessons for us. In this post, I want to tell you … »

Rails 3 I18n changes

As we already know, in Rails 3 all dependencies will be bundled. This means you will be able to use latest I18n version which includes several improvements by itself. Besides that, a couple things changed on Rails 3 I18n, some features were added and others were deprecated. This post is a quick walkthrough it: 1) … »

Run, I18n, run!

A new I18n gem just got released and it comes with two new backends extensions: Fast and InterpolationCompiler. First, what is a backend? I18n.t, I18n.translate, I18n.l and I18n.localize methods are actually just wrappers to I18n.backend, which is actually who does all the heavy lifting. This means that you can change your backend to other stuff, … »