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Devise and Rails 4

Devise 3.0 rc version with Rails 4 compatibility and new 2.2.4 stable version. Simple Form, Responders, Show For and Mail Form versions with Rails 4 compatibility.

2010 – A year in review

This year is coming to an end and it was amazing for us at Plataforma Tecnologia. We are proud to share with you, faithful reader, our accomplishments in 2010, which weren’t few. Open Source The year has begun on fire. In February, José Valim made his way into the Rails Core team and has been … »

One in Three: Inherited Resources, Has Scope and Responders

Inherited Resources always had a hate/love history with Rails Edge. Just after DHH posted about respond_with, it was already there in Inherited Resources. This initial implementation provided a nice test suite and several use cases for a improved Rails’ implementation, based in Responders, which encapsulates all the behavior in one class, and can be added, … »

Embracing REST with mind, body and soul

UPDATE: ActionController::Renderer was renamed to ActionController::Responder, so this post was changed to properly reflect such changes. About two and a half years ago, resources started to be a first class citizen in Rails when version 1.2 was released and it was all about RESTful admiration and HTTP Lovefest. Since then we’ve added map.resources to our … »