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Rails 4 and PostgreSQL Arrays

Rails 4 supports arrays fields for PostgreSQL in a nice way, although it is not a very known feature. In order to demonstrate its usage it’s useful to explain the context where this was used. PostgreSQL Arrays and Rails Migrations Suppose we have a Product model with the following fields: name, category_id and tags. The … »

Devise and Rails 4

Devise 3.0 rc version with Rails 4 compatibility and new 2.2.4 stable version. Simple Form, Responders, Show For and Mail Form versions with Rails 4 compatibility.

Active Record scopes vs class methods

One of the recent topics in our discussions at Plataformatec was about whether we should use scopes or class methods throughout the project to be consistent. It’s also not hard to find discussions about it all over the internet. This is an attempt to show the differences between scopes and class methods, to help you understanding what scopes can give you for free and deciding what makes you feel more comfortable when writing your code.

Talks da RubyConf Brasil 2012

A Plataformatec esteve presente na RubyConf Brasil 2012 com palestras e lightning talks. O evento teve mais de 750 participantes e mais de 500 pessoas assistindo online. As palestras foram: Vamos falar sobre Concorrência, por José Valim; Escrevendo Aplicações Melhores com Active Model, por Carlos Antonio; e Conhecendo as Entranhas do Rails, por Rafael França. E os lightning talks foram: Contribuindo para o Rails, por Carlos Galdino; I18nAlchemy, por Lucas Mazza; e Copyright, Licenças Open Source e você!, por George Guimarães.

Plataformatec na RubyConf 2012

Nos próximos dias 30 e 31 de agosto, estaremos presentes na Ruby Conf Brasil com três palestrantes! No dia 31, às 9h40, José Valim falará na Sala 1 sobre concorrência e sobre o papel e a importância disso no desenvolvimento de aplicações. Às 11h, na sala 2, Carlos Antonio falará sobre como usar Active Model … »

Flushing content blocks with Rails 4

Besides the big and shiny features that Rails 4 holds, there’s a lot of small improvements on several other sections of the Rails framework – helpers, core extensions, app configurations and more – that might not even hit the Changelogs but will somehow make our lifes easier in the future. One of these hidden gems … »