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How to manage deadlines in agile environments? Get to know the Reality Check Tool

TL;DR: The Reality Check is an agile tool designed to check if a deadline is feasible given the project context. It works by formulating a hypothesis, which can be updated every week by the technical team, where we organize our demands and the weeks before the delivery date. It only requires a simple board – physical or … »

Announcing MiniRepo, a minimal Hex server

In 2017 got support for Private packages and organizations, a way for teams to publish and manage packages without making them public. While this works great for many organizations, some have stricter compliance requirements and need to host packages on their own infrastructure. Today we are happy to announce MiniRepo, a minimal Hex server … »

Updating to use Elixir releases

Elixir v1.9 will ship with releases support and in this blog post we want to show how we have used this exciting new feature on the project. Installing Elixir master Since Elixir v1.9 is not out yet, we need to use the development version. Locally, my preferred approach is to use the Elixir plugin … »

What’s new in Elixir – Apr/19

Hi everyone, we are back with another edition of What’s new in Elixir! Let’s get started. mix release has been added! Besides basic releases support, it supports runtime configuration, customization via templates files, custom steps, and more. A huge thank you to both Distillery and Relx teams for the prior work that made releases in … »

Announcing the RabbitMQ Connector for Broadway

Since the announcement of Broadway a couple of months ago, we’ve received a very positive response from the community. We were able to gather some great feedback regarding the architecture, suggestions for extending the API and requests for new connectors to allow attaching other technologies to Broadway pipelines. One of the most requested additions was … »

ExDoc v0.20: Keyboard shortcuts, autocompletion, full-text search, and more!

ExDoc v0.20 has been released with many exciting new features: keyboard shortcuts, search improvements, and more! At Plataformatec, we are particularly happy and proud to have contributed and sponsored some of the work behind this new release. Let’s take a look at some of the new capabilities. You can see them live at too! … »