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Active Record scopes vs class methods

One of the recent topics in our discussions at Plataformatec was about whether we should use scopes or class methods throughout the project to be consistent. It’s also not hard to find discussions about it all over the internet. This is an attempt to show the differences between scopes and class methods, to help you understanding what scopes can give you for free and deciding what makes you feel more comfortable when writing your code.

Active Record loves blocks

When creating an Active Record object, either by using `new` or `create`/`create!`, or even through a `belongs_to` or `has_many` association, you can give a block straight to the method call instead of relying on `tap`. It is possible to avoid doing manual work, sometimes simple stuff such as using `tap` with methods like these, or sometimes more complicated things, by getting to know what a framework like Rails can give us for free.

About the composed_of removal

In this post we talk about the motivation of the composed_of removal in the Rails 4.0 and the possible replacements

New Active Record scoping syntax

You probably know that Active Record got a facelift and is now powered by Active Relation. A new chainable-award-winning-lazy API was added and received great feedback! However, as more and more people are trying Rails 3 beta, a small incompatibility between the old and new syntax was found. This post explains this incompatibility and how … »