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1 year working at Plataformatec

One year ago I joined Plataformatec and today, I’m going to tell you some practices that I have learned while working here during all this year. I hope you’ll find something helpful to improve your team or your company. Sustainable work hours Some companies expect their employees to work overtime when a project gets close … »

Estamos contratando! E o nosso melhor job description é a nossa história.

Se você acredita em colaboração, tem alta capacidade de aprendizado e tem vontade de trabalhar com um time com histórico de sucesso comprovado, participe do nosso processo seletivo. Você pode ser o nosso próximo integrante do nosso time. :)

Como participar do processo seletivo
Para participar do processo seletivo visite ou também veja para conhecer mais sobre o nosso time.

Carlos Antonio da Silva joins the Rails Core team \o/

We cannot express how excited we are with such great news. In our last blog post we were celebrating Rafael’s achievement and just a few months later we are celebrating again. Years ago, having three Plataformatec teammates as Rails Core members would be something we’d only dream of, but in 2012 it became reality. I must say that it didn’t happen by chance, not at all.

Rafael França joins the Rails Core Team

Last May we happily announced that Rafael França and Carlos Antonio earned commit access to the Ruby on Rails repository – it was a great accomplishment that deserved its own blog post. Today, we have some great news and we want to share with our readers. Just a few days ago, our team mate Rafael … »

A praise for a hard, sweaty and great work done

Congratulations to our fellow Carlos Antonio (@cantoniodasilva) and Rafael França (@rafaelfranca) for honorably earning the commit access to the Ruby on Rails repository!

[full-version] Six good practices that have improved our team productivity – The Plataforma Tec Way

[as some of you might have noticed, I accidentally clicked on “Publish” on my draft version, here is the full version of the post. Sorry about that] *Though this blog post was written for any audience, there is a chance that you’ll be more interested if  you are a startuper or running a knowledge workers based company. A year ago … »