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Definição de prazo em projetos de software

Este é um dos capítulos do nosso mais novo ebook “Como lidar com prazos em projetos de software”. Faça o download agora. É grátis! . Esta ação é mais indicada antes de começar um projeto ou nas primeiras semanas de desenvolvimento, pois é quando normalmente há mais flexibilidade para mudanças de prazos. Na nossa experiência, … »

Key points to consider when doing a software rewrite

The third post of Low Internal Software Quality series. As well as a big software refactor, a rewrite is not a simple thing either. After many years, we have gotten experience enough to point what you had better consider when planning and executing a rewrite process. Will the two platforms live together for some time … »

Key points to consider when doing a big software refactoring

The second post of Low Internal Software Quality series. Doing a big software refactor1 is not a simple thing. There are lots of points that you should think about, from planning and prioritizing to team motivation and execution. Understanding these points in a structured and clear way is part of the job. The good news … »

The Symptoms of Low Internal Software Quality

The first post of Low Internal Software Quality series. Not only physical matter deteriorates, software does too It’s known that physical matter deteriorates. People accept that and have always dealt with it. What people don’t accept so easily is that software “deteriorates” too. Unlike physical matter, it doesn’t happen due to some physical or chemical … »

Tips for hiring great software engineers

Every once in a while people ask us how we hire and interview software developers at Plataformatec. In this post, we share the key things we do when looking for and interviewing job candidates. We focused the post on actionable hints, from the basic tips up to some specific characteristics to the hiring process at Plataformatec. This is … »